Entertaining with a Chocolate Fountain

You have probably seen a chocolate fountain at a large event but never thought you could have one of your own. Well now chocolate fountains come in all shapes and sizes and they are not just for large corporate events and weddings anymore. Since most people love chocolate, having a fountain at a party is usually a big hit.

Once you’ve purchased or rented a chocolate fountain you should waste no time putting it to good use. Invite a few friends over to break it in and test out your skills with flowing chocolate. Following a few of these tips will help you keep the chocolate fountain flowing smoothly at your next party.

One of the most important things is to use the right chocolate. Many different types will work and this is partly a matter of taste. But many people agree that dark or semi-sweet chocolate is the best for dipping sweet foods such as fruit or cake. It is often recommended to buy Couverture chocolate for use in a fountain since it contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter. You can get this chocolate in all different varieties.

The chocolate needs to be melted and then poured into the fountain. You can melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in a microwave. Be careful not to heat the chocolate too quickly or it will scorch and have a burnt taste.

The low temperature heater in the chocolate fountain will keep the melted chocolate at the right consistency to flow through the fountain. If the chocolate cools off too much it will begin to thicken or harden. If it gets too hot it will thin out and flow too quickly over the tiers.

The best foods for dipping into the chocolate are fruits, marshmallows, pretzels and other food that does not crumble. Angel food cake is better that pound cake since it tends to make fewer crumbs that could break off and block up the holes in the fountain. If you want the chocolate to stick to the fruit or snacks better it is helpful to freeze the items before dipping. This helps the warm chocolate harden upon impact.

Provide toothpicks or skewers and small plates for your guests and don’t forget the napkins since this decadent treat can be a little messy. Now sit back and enjoy as you provide your friends with a beautiful and yummy treat!

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