Should I Have a Chocolate Fountain at My Wedding ?

Many couples decide to have a chocolate fountain at their wedding since they are such crowd pleasers. There are many things to consider when making this decision. The dramatic nature of a chocolate fountain fits into most wedding receptions. It is a very happy celebration and what better way to celebrate than with flowing chocolate. Weddings don’t happen everyday and the chocolate fountain is usually reserved for such special celebrations.

4 tiers Fruits Chocolate Fountain Party

Some couples are looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. A chocolate fountain could be the answer. Instead of cutting the cake together, the wedding couple could be the first ones to dip into the chocolate.

Here are some things to think about and some reasons you may decide not to have a chocolate fountain at your reception. Chocolate fountains work best at indoor receptions. If your wedding is outdoors you would have things like bugs, leaves and wind to deal with that might make the fountain unappealing.

Other couples worry about a possible mess not mixing well with high heels and guest who have been drinking. Still others are concerned that the number of children at the reception might make having a chocolate fountain a bit chaotic. If you do not have any of these concerns, then you may want to consider this wildly popular dessert display.

Many guest do not really ever eat the cake served at a wedding. Although the quality of your average wedding cake is on the rise, it used to be that the wedding cake was made more for looks than for flavor. For this reason and just because the quests have often had a lot to eat and drink, the wedding cake will go uneaten.

The chocolate fountain, on the other hand, smells wonderful and looks amazing. People can choose what they want to dip and how much they want. A chocolate fountain is a conversation starter and a great way for your guests to mingle and interact. And according to a recent poll, 99% or people love chocolate. (just kidding – we are just guessing here).

If having a chocolate fountain appeals to you, go ahead and make it a part of your special day. It will definitely add some pizzazz and some good photo opportunities! Your guests will be happy and you will have some wonderful chocolate memories to look back on. Are you want order a chocolate fountain now ?  CFO brand new Fountain will be good choice, here is link that you can check details on CFO website:

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